1788-L and 4AM Drop 'Multiverse' And It Is This Year's Best Free Download So Far

Last week 1788-L was picked up by several sites for their show stopping remix Daft Punk’s ‘Rinzler’ f the TRON soundtrack. Now the artist(s) has teamed up with 4AM for a new track and it is without a doubt one the year’s best. ‘Multiverse’ is a powerful, physic’s bending tune that will leave you with a slack jaw. While 1788-L is still unknown in most circles it is clear that they’re a production force to be reckoned with.

While ‘Multiverse’ starts f melodic and euphoric it soon goes through a wormhole and escalates into an all out assault bass. The juxtaposition different styles is something that is instantly reminiscent Porter Robinson. Once the dark section concludes 1788-L and 4AM slowly bring the listener back down to earth will a shimmering ending that reintroduces the intro’s euphoric elements. This track is currently available as a free download here and would be a gem to add to your personal collection.

We are thrilled to see what will come from 1788-L and 4AM as 2018 pushes on. Give 1788-L a like on Facebook as well as 4AM.