A German city has abolished all lockouts

For punters in the current nanny state of Sydney, it may be hard to imagine a night on the town past the hours of 2 or 3am, that is unless you’re pouring your paycheck down the drain at the Cas. However, this is a common occurrence for clubbers in pretty much every other major city around the world that aren’t burdened by the horrendous lockout laws.

It might even frustrate you to know that the town of Leipzig in Germany has just approved a law to abolish closing times completely. Literal nonstop kick-ons. The previous ‘Sperrstunde’ policy that meant all clubs had to close between 5 and 6am, (because what sort of loser goes home at 6am?)  was removed by a unanimous vote from local council, much to the joy of local club owner Franziskus Thiem.

“It’s a great and assuring sign from city officials that they appreciate the impact of club culture and club spaces in Leipzig and their influence on creating and nurturing a thriving and creative local community.”

Check below as 700 locals celebrated the decision with a party in the streets. So who’s moving to Germany?


Words by Sam Armes