A huge dance music destination is looking to ban laughing gas

Let’s be real, we’ve all come to the point in our lives where exhaling into balloons is a thing of the past and inhaling balloons is a serious activity, so much so that it’s caught the eyes of Ibiza officials and they’re not laughing about it.

The council of San Antonio aka the Laughing Gas Republic is initiating a not-so-funny ban on the use of not-even-classified-as-a-drug nitrous oxide that prohibits the selling, promoting, advertising or facilitating access as well as consumption to this laughing gas in public.

The vote of this anti-fun council was solidified by the stats with total of 55,000 NOS canisters 400 dispensers and approximately 21,000 balloons alone seized in San Antonio. Authorities now have the power of issuing hefty fines of €750 to €1,500…that’s up to $2000 AUD…if witnessing the balloon use in public.

This means that all you babes livin’ it up in Ibiza to escape the Aussie winter better not be partaking in any action of these “nangs” (in public) or you’ll have yourself a one way ticket to daddy’s wallet. So keep the laughs to a minimum kids.