A relative of Malcolm Turnbull has been caught with drugs!

You read it right, the man who’s leading our country is, albeit very loosely, caught up in a bit of a drug scandal.

Turnbull’s nephew, Harry Hughes, a former staffer for NSW Planning Minister Anthony Roberts, was arrested at a bar in Sydney’s CBD last month with 0.7g of cocaine on him. Now let’s be real, that’s not a lot, but I’m sure some media outlets will tell you it’s got a pretty high street value.

We’re not too sure why anyone’s ever really surprised at this stuff, for example when quite recently Ray Hadley was in tears after his son was found to be a mere mortal, caught with a bit of the illicit stuff.

Who’s next to be caught up in a bit of a drug scandal? While we don’t wish any ill will, we’re always keeping our eyes and ears open for the next bit of juicy drugs in mainstream media goss!