Aadysi Drops Showstopping, Glistening New Single – 'Searching' [EDM Sauce Premiere]

Aadysi is an up and coming producer who has been truly finding his stride the past few months. Finding a style unique entirely to himself through incorporating elements future bass, trap and beautiful synth work, Aadysi continues to showcase what just might be the future dance music as we know it. Let letting traditional sound design expectations define him, the artist continues to expand his repertoire with each additional release. Today we have the chance to bring you his latest track to you before anyone else. The single is called ‘Searching’ and is downright gorgeous.

Starting f with ominous, orchestral instrumentation ‘Searching’ soon builds into a synth-fueled dream. As tension is built layers synths are added on, giving the listener a dynamic experience. When things finally drop, minimalistic percussion highlights the dramatic and glistening elements brought into the mix. The beat continues to develop as melodies begin to clash before merging together for an otherworldly like effect.

The song is captivating as a whole and beautifully demonstrates what is right in the world electronic music. The fact the matter is that Aadysi is only getting started, and he is already leaving us impressed. We cannot wait to see what comes next for him as 2018 continues on. Check out the new single below.