Aerus Unveil Lead Single ‘Ease Your Mind’ From Forthcoming Debut EP

Aerus has just dropped their latest single ‘Ease Your Mind‘, setting the stage for their highly anticipated first EP. This melodic masterpiece is perfect for any audience, intense and Melodic House fans. The track’s intricate composition creates a serious amount of tension in the builds. In the process, putting listeners on the edge of their seats. With powerful drums and a captivating groove, ‘Ease Your Mind’ is bound to enthrall anyone who presses play.

A Touch of Nostalgia

The inspiration behind ‘Ease Your Mind’ comes from a deeply personal place. Dillon, one half of the dynamic duo Aerus, drew from his mother’s legacy as a former Pop singer in the ’90s. During a casual conversation, Dillon’s mother shared some of her unfinished songs, sparking a wave of creativity. The raw potential in her vocals prompted Aerus to set up a studio session to re-record her lyrics. This led to the birth of ‘Ease Your Mind’. Captivated by the emotion in her voice, Aerus stayed in the studio, meticulously crafting the track around her heartfelt performance.

Building Anticipation

The release of ‘Ease Your Mind’ not only showcases Aerus’ unique ability to blend nostalgic elements with modern Deep House but also heightens the anticipation for their upcoming EP. The track’s powerful drums and entrancing groove hint at the musical journey fans can expect from the full EP. Aerus’ knack for creating tension in their builds ensures that ‘Ease Your Mind’ keeps listeners hooked from start to finish.

A Promising Future

As Aerus gears up for their first EP, ‘Ease Your Mind’ serves as a promising glimpse into their evolving sound. This single encapsulates their creative process and dedication to producing music that resonates on an emotional level. With such a strong release leading the way, the upcoming EP is sure to be a hit among fans of Deep and Melodic House.

About Aerus:

Aerus (aka Dalton Meekins and Dillon Hennesy), are a DJ duo that originated from a shared love for music and community. Their journey began in Tucson, Arizona, where they met through their University and collaborated on organizing concerts and events throughout the state. Their partnership flourished as they discovered a mutual passion for music production.

Driven by their creative synergy and shared experiences, eventually decided to channel their focus into forming Aerus. Their music blends a variety of electronic genres, capturing the vibrant energy of their live events and the depth of their musical exploration. Aerus is not just about producing music, it’s about creating experiences that resonate deeply with their audience.