After A Full Year Of Continuous Traveling Gorillaz End World Tour In Brazil

Gorillaz released their 4th full-length last year at the end April and ever since have been continuously touring the world promoting it. ‘Humanz’ received mixed reviews critically as it contained almost entirely features and showcased a sound which did not match that fan expectations. Despite early troubles ‘Humanz’ soon topped the charts. Damon and his band animated monkeys hit the road and never looked back.

I was fortunate enough to see Gorillaz at ACL last September and by all accounts, the show was truly awe-inspiring. Albarn set the crowd ablaze with a visually stunning presentation and powerful vocals. It was clear that Gorillaz was back and better than ever. Since that show, the primates went international, touring the world for an additional 5 months. This weekend they ended their tour in Brazil to a packed audience.

Damon Albarn has already said he is sitting on at least an album’s worth new music for Gorillaz, so hopefully, we will at least an EP by the end 2019.