Ahnwar Yancey Will Give You “Everything U Need” & More!

Singer-songwriter, producer and composer Ahnwar is back at it dropping inspiring sounds. His latest single “Everything U Need,” one again displays his strong penchant for imagining the kind of music and lyrics set to empower people into leading a righteous life. The song is off his latest album My Therapy, home to a marvelous collection of eleven songs available on Spotify and most major streaming platforms. 

The Washington, DC-native artist has been in adoration for the Lord since childhood, and he is the son of a minister who grew-up singing in church which explains his unusual mastery of the Gospel genre. Inspired by iconic artists like Mahalia Jackson and Sam Cooke, Ahnwar has developed his own unique sonic aesthetics by merging Gospel with various other genres, including r&b. 

The “Everything U Need” single was released alongside an equally beautiful music video that develops the exact storytelling sung by Ahnwar in the single. The music video was shot by SHEESH, directed by Von Walker and produced by Denascia Salley, and already counts over 15K views on YouTube and 50K streams on Spotify. 

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