Alexander Lewis Gives TOKiMONSTA A Sultry Remix On – 'Don't Call Me'

As Friday morning rolls into Friday afternoon, I stumbled across a true gem a remix as my Soundcloud shuffled through the usual suspects. In this remix TOKiMONSTA’s ‘Don’t Call Me’, Alexander Lewis has brought in a sultry, sexy vibe which elevates that tantalizing lyrics Yuna to a new level decadence. Opulence is not a term I like to through around with music too ten, but no other word sticks out in my mind when listening to this remix.

The low key vibe this one is the perfect soundtrack for a late night, introspective drive. The constant subtle trap beat kicks as the future elements are arranged in a tasteful way which pushes the emotional pain the original into overdrive. Alexander Lewis has found a real winner on this little tune. Check out the remix below.