ANATTA, Fred Paci + HONÜ Come Together On ‘Steam Rollin’

ANATTA is back with two of his friends. Fred Paci & HONÜ joined the U.S. producer for their minimal house track ‘Steam Rollin.’ The new tune features some sweet jazz grooves. The trumpet comes through in a lovely manner really setting the vibe. Imagine yourself in a rooftop lounge and this record is for you. It is infectious and impossible not to move your body to the beat.

There is no traditional build to this track – it’s just pure vibes. ANATTA is running this genre right now receiving over 500K streams collectively. ANATTA has performed across the US at prime venues, including an extremely memorable set at EDC Las Vegas 2022. He had this to say about the tune:

Steam Rollin’ was a straight jam! We made this beat in one night and knew Fred was the guy to lay down some trumpet right away. Steam Rollin’ came together very nicely and we are glad it is finally seeing the light of day!

With the collaboration including bass house producer HONÜ, we can imagine the huge sub-groove and kick came from him. I would love to hear this one on a big sound system.

Make sure to check out ‘Steam Rollin’ below! You are going to want that extended mix for sure.