ANUQRAM Unveil Moving Remix Of Above & Beyond’s ‘Crazy Love’

The latest vocal Trance heartwarmer just got a deeper treatment for your by-the-beach cocktails.

Far and wide, critics absolutely loved ‘Crazy Love‘, the most recent Above & Beyond singalong. Featuring the lovely, iconic vocals of Zoë Johnston, old-school Trance leads and cute soft sounds. We’ve described the track before as “one of those pieces that works flawlessly: every element, every note, every lyric of the vocal. Everything“. And we stand by that.

Yet this recent take? Woah, it’s just as heavenly.


ANUQRAM, the hottest Electronic duo of the past seasons and the conjoint alias of renowned producers Max Meyer and WILDERNESS, delivered quite the remake. They’ve been releasing an incredible amount of music lately, with tracks like ‘Don’t Stop‘ and ‘Get On‘ being played all over the globe.

Their signature is not to stick to any genres. They’ve made it all: Progressive, Trance, Organic, and the list goes on. The only rule is to ace the productions. And that’s also true for their remix of ‘Crazy Love‘.

‘Crazy Love (ANUQRAM Remix)’

This was a great responsibility. Not only was the original coming from one of the largest acts in the Dance world out there, but the song itself is a masterpiece. But these guys jumped over the bar, and they did so in style.

Groovy, progressive, catchy, the remix has it all frankly. The signature melodies are there, Zoë’s celestial voice, a breakdown that, excuse me, remids me very briefly of Above & Beyond’s very own ‘Tri-State’ — my favourite track of all time by the way —, and so many other elements I can’t begin to describe because they all entwine and play along in such a way! If you wished ‘Crazy Love’ would get a deeper treatment, you’re in luck. I would know. I am in luck today!

Listen to ANUQRAM‘s remix of Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston‘s ‘Crazy Love‘ below, hitting the ‘Play’ button on the Spotify button we’ve attached. Also, click here to listen to the release on YouTube, and here to support it wherever you choose.