Anyma Announces GENESYS PART II Coming This Month

ANYMA has been on a roll in 2024. After closing 2023 with the #1 album album of the year, he began 2024 teasing remixes of his biggest GENESYS singles. We all assumed that meant there was a Genesys Remix album coming. It turns out that it gets way better.

During his set at Afterlife Buenos Aires over the weekend, Anyma announced on the screen that GENESYS PART II was coming in March, the same way he announced GENESYS during his Tomorrowland set. The new album contains the Genesys remixes, but it also contains a slew of new originals as well. It’s coming March 29, 2024. The list of remixes is staggering, and you can see them all in his Instagram post below.

The new originals include:

  • Sacrifice with Parisi
  • Now or Never
  • The Light
  • Simulation
  • Pictures of You
  • Higher Power
  • FTL
  • Hear Me Now with Rebuke, Karin Park
  • Exodus with Adam Sellouk
  • After Love with Delilah Montagu