Arkade – Destinations: Tulum

Arkade Destinations: Tulum is a huge new 18 song compilation arranged by Kaskade. It’s the first in a series of destination albums designed to transport the listener to a more comfortable, vacation like head space. The mellow tropical island sounding infused project is filled with a ton of new music, including “Give It Back” By Kaskade and a handful of other unreleased singles by the likes of Late Night Alumni, Classic Unknwn, Lipless, Frankie Shakes, Finnstagram, Fake Blondes, Mr. Tape, Spooky Cowboy, Blue Noir, and many more. Stream the new compilation below, under that check out a brief quote Kaskade.

“[Arkade Destinations: Tulum is] inspired by traveling and becoming attached to the mood of a place… The sensory experience of sitting on a beach.” – Kaskade