Arman Cekin Releases Chilled Out Trap Single Featuring Rmarni – 'Money'

Producer Arman Cekin has been steadily rising in notoriety over the last year. A string singles and collaborations f labels such as Armada’s The Bearded Man imprint and now the Spinnin Records Trap City imprint have helped him break into the mainstream consciousness dance music. In his latest release with vocalist Rmarni, Arman showcases an enigmatic ability to inject palpable emotion into traditional trap arrangements.

Will Make You Move and Make You Groove

Sultry piano chords introduce the song as Rmarni’s gorgeous vocals float in, mixing with an established atmosphere like a small breeze penetrating a smokey room. Soon light notes rich in staccato are introduced and begin to give the song a melodic trap structure. The track progresses and soon Rmarni’s vocals slowly meld into part the melody as Arman Cekin sharply chops and filters them. The change is subtle but outstanding when realized.

Overall this is a strong release from an up and coming artist. We are excited to see what Arman Cekin puts out as 2018 continues to move forward. Check out the track below and support Arman socials for more updates.

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