Armin Van Buuren Drops New Progressive Single – 'Therapy'

Armin shocked the world a month ago with the release a tropical house single, ‘Sex, Love & Water’. While some fans were terrified that it meant Armin was giving up trance forever, many more sensible fans were blown away by the quality the unexpected tune. Today Armin has continued to defy expectations with a new house tune – ‘Therapy’. Does he once again live up to expectations his demanding fans? In short, yes, but at the end the day, I can’t quite say I like this side Armin as much as the original.

‘Therapy’ features vocals from James Newman. At its core, the track is a relaxed progressive house cut, but throughout Armin sprinkles in different elements which help this tune stand out from the rest. Throughout a tropical feel can be heard, light snapping percussion alongside a subtle guitar riff help evoke imagery a beach town in the summertime.

While Armin is no doubt one the most talented producers all time, and this new side him has many fans thrilled. I have to say Armin is still his best when he is producing trance. There is truly nothing wrong with ‘Somebody’ but it is nothing we have not heard several times before. Check out the track below.