Aspyer – Chance (feat. Kyle Reynolds & Carly Jay) [THRIVE MUSIC]

Marking his return to the power-house west coast record label Thrive Music, Russian producer Aspyer delivers a fresh pop gem with his latest track, “Chance,” featuring vocalists Kyle Reynolds and Carly Jay. The song is an uplifting vocal anthem with glittering synths and a sound that combines the best elements dance and pop music. Featuring two vocalists creates an uplifting vibe dance pop elements, and a future bass inspired drop.

You may be familiar with Aspyer because his last single released on Thrive Music. “Denied Again” was a head turner and it set the pace for solid releases from this intricate artist. His brand new single is at the same time melodic and dancefloor-ready, as Aspyer fleshes out his signature fine-tuned melodies. Whether you’re in the mood to bust a move or daydream “Chance” will be another sure fire tune by this fresh and fast rising talent.

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