ATLiens – Interstellar (feat. Sara Skinner)

ATLiens released Interstellar, featuring Sara Skinner, on Oracle Music. The mysteriously silver masked duo put out this track as the first single f the upcoming EP Invasion. There is precious little information about the space-aged duo, however, their catalog music speaks for itself. With collaborations with Bassnectar and UZ, as well as insane remixes and originals, ATLiens are ready to take over the planet.

Interstellar starts by easing into the track with st melodic chords and the prodigious vocals Sara Skinner. Trap style percussion picks up the pace the track. The industrial synths bring the song to that next level. After the drop, the song is delicately balanced between a bass guitar line and the beautiful voice Sara Skinner. The song builds toward the final drop where it discharges into a filthy trap drop with synths that cut through the air with extreme precision. The drop is also backed by a deep rich bass that will get your Trap elbows swaying. Interstellar is arguably their most catchy single yet, which hints at the caliber their upcoming EP.

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