ATLiens Make Outstanding Debut With Their 'Invasion' EP [MUST LISTEN]

ATLiens claimed some uncharted electronic music territory when they first came onto the scene, but with their debut Invasion EP they are completely taking over!

The 6-track release comes as ATLiens are in the midst their 7-date US tour, and it’s about time because we’ve been dying to be invaded by these two extraterrestrial producers. Upon first listen, it’s clear these guys have more to fer than just in-your-face bass. The Invasion EP comes fully loaded with intricate, theatrical sound design and proves the ATLiens duo as a leading force in bass music.

It’s difficult to point out a track that stands out over the others, because each rocks a confident, unique concept. “Invasion,” serves as a great into track to the ATLiens sound and leaves you begging for more. Then, previously released “Interstellar” with Sara Skinner switches gears, fering up a production with a ster edge.

“Witch Doctor” and “Malfunction” featuring TYNAN go even further down the rabbit hole. Or, perhaps it’s more a black hole. Either way, it’s fun to hear ATLiens experiment with their style.

“Equilibrium” brings it back down — definitely not to earth — but to a place where you need two feet planted firmly on the ground so you can bang your head to the beat.

Trap-tinged drops, gritty and cosmic sounding synths, and intergalactic sci-fi sounds are what the Invasion EP is all about and there’s nothing we’ve heard quite like it.

So what are you waiting for…

ATLiens – Invasion EP

Tour Dates

3/15 – Space Yacht x SXSW – Austin, TX
3/27 – Secret Show – Los Angeles, CA
3/31 – Mezzanine – San Francisco, CA
4/7 – Phoenix Lights – Phoenix, AZ
9/7 – Dancefestopia – Kansas City, KS

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