Aziya battles for control in her intense “Slip!” video

Aziya battles for control in her intense “Slip!” video Sequoia Ziff

On “Slip!” London’s Aziya zeroes in on an experience which, in Covid times, might be a distant memory but remains resonant all the less; losing grip of common sense at a party when the chance of romance crosses your path. “You made me slip!” she yells at an unnamed figure over distorted guitar riffs and stadium-ready drums. “Your words are just like water. When I’m running out.”

Quenching a thirst is one thing but “Slip!” also dives into the regret which can come alongside it, with Aziya going on to discuss losing a part of herself after “slipping on your broken words.” The sense of mania is matched in her rocky sound, something boosted by a suitably grimy video premiering above. The whole thing acts as a warning to stop, take a minute, and think about how you might feel further down the line.

Speaking to The FADER about her video, Aziya said, “When making ‘Slip!’ it immediately had a very raw and angsty energy. I knew straight away that the video needed to match this. I also wanted to create an atmosphere similar to loads of the sick, sweaty London venues I’ve played in. This was really key for my first video.”