Baauer, AJ Tracey, and Jae Stephens release laid back music video for '3AM'

Baauer, AJ Tracey, and Jae Stephens have released the music video for their fresh new Caribbean grime-inspired single “3AM.” In the video, AJ Tracey and Jae Stephens take Baauer’s beat for a hazy night ride, cruising in a 1960’s yellow cab through a hazy blend of noir tropes and Baauer’s downtempo afrobeat product. With Stephens as the driver, and Tracey in the back, the video brings home the track’s after hours vibe as a New York plate that reads “Baauer” flashes after the hook. The new collaboration and accompanying Peter Marsden-directed video come by way of Baauer’s longtime home imprint, LuckyMe Records.

“3AM” is Baauer’s first single since his 2016 debut album, Aa. Those that have kept up with the Philadelphia-native turned globetrotting power producer know he’s well beyond the viral sensation that was “Harlem Shake.” He has steadily raised the bar, connecting with the likes of JAY-Z, A$AP Rocky, Future, and Pusha T. Now adding credits with AJ Tracey and Jae Stephens, Baauer to prove he’s a force to be reckoned with on the hip-hop front.