Barkin & Von Buoyage Team Up On ‘One Escape’

The East and West Coast have come together on a groovy new house tune. The new record between Barkin and Von Buoyage is a mix between Bass and Tech House. The dark track takes you on a journey through the club. Symbolizing wanting to lose yourself in the night with someone special; ‘One Escape’ features infectious vocals that will make you hold someone close.

The track begins with ZHIKO’s distinct vocals. Running the track all the way into the drop, the build provides much-needed tension. The drop features punchy drums and a huge subgroove. Energy continues to increase as the drop moves on with elements added to keep our ears happy. An unexpected and unique half-time bridge leaves us in awe.

The two producers do a great job of keeping it fresh throughout. The second drop has some new funky elements that tingle the brain. Scintillating down sweeps with plucky bass hits keep us dancing. This track marks the first collaboration between these two artists. Both in 2022 and have more tunes in the works.

The New York native Barkin has hit us hard with a few tracks and most notably Hailing from California, Von Buoyage teamed up with Honey-B-Sweet on his hit ‘You Ain’t Close.’

Make sure to check out ‘One Escape’ below!