Billboard Dance Hosts Above & Beyond For Live Q&A Session

Billboard Dance Hosts Above & Beyond For Live Q&A SessionWhat aren’t Above & Beyond doing these days? They just released their new album, Common Ground, and are the midst a massive North American tour. But they found time to sit down with Billboard Dance to for an exclusive in-depth Q&A session.

In the Q&A, Jono and Tony fielded questions about the album, the tour, and musical inspirations. They went in depth talking about the album and the meaning behind Common Ground. As they’ve explained before, they wanted to help remind people that life is bigger than the differences that divide us. They mentioned that for each song, it had its own story, and let each track “breathe on its own”.

Above & Beyond also talked about their acoustic tour and the new documentary surrounding their acoustic work, Above & Beyond Acoustic- Giving Up the Day Job. As some you may know, Above & Beyond have done two acoustic tours, taking some their biggest songs and transforming them into acoustic masterpieces. As Tony explained, selling out the Hollywood Bowl couldn’t go undocumented. They hired film crews and photographers to help capture the moments. The documentary is their way allowing the rest us to see the magic that acoustic show and tour.

Among the new album and acoustic documentary, Above & Beyond talked about how special it was to travel to so many towns across the United States. Although they do hit massive venues like Barclays Center and Los Angeles Convention Center, they stop at many small market towns. They explained that every town has their own beauty and feel to it. Something that Above & Beyond themselves know all too well.

For Above & Beyond, the show must go on. They will continue their tour this week in Toronto and Laval Canada before returning to the states in Vermont. You can check out the full Q&A with Billboard Dance below.