BiXX Joins Christopher Corrigan On Uplifting Trance Gem ‘Alignment’

Enjoy a beautiful Trance track to play through the entirety of your weekend.

Friday everyone! Congratulations, you’ve fought and are now looking at Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and resting. We’d like to do our part in that regard and pick music for your entertainment, perhaps to unwind, and some others, like the track we’re about to show you, to close your eyes and let the melodies carry you away.

Meet BiXX. He’s a DJ, producer, mentor and entrepreneur from Alabama, and resonates with all things Trance. He first discovered the world of Dance while spinning at his university, and slowly became more and more hooked to the genre. It was when he encountered Trance, though, that he found the passion that would be a part of his story ever since.

Today, he’s released on labels like Future Sound Of Egypt, Nocturnal Knights, and Naz Ritzan Music among many others, always showcasing a fine, polished rendition of Uplifting Trance built to lift the spirits and connect with the innermost version of oneself.


This time, BiXX is joined by Belfast-based Trance producer Christopher Corrigan on a heartwarming single, ‘Alignment‘. The track perfectly embodies the concept of Uplifting Trance, carrying all core elements to your ears, from stomping kicks, to beautiful melodies, to a break that gives room to ascend, eyes closed, and maybe even let out a tear or two.

About the track, BiXX recalls, “Christopher and I have been admiring each other’s work for the last three years“. He then goes on to say:

“We discovered that we have much in common, such as music style, family values, and a strong work ethic. Thus, the foundation of a track named ‘Alignment’.”


Listen to BiXX & Christopher Corrigan‘s ‘Alignment‘ below, by hitting the ‘Play’ button on your Spotify streamer, attached ahead. Also, check out the song on YouTube, and follow this link to support the release on your platform of choice.