Black Panther Beats The Avengers, Sets New Record In Marvel Film History

Chadwick Boseman is out there smashing records left and right with the help a fantastic ensemble cast and visionary director in Ryan Coogler in Black Panther. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest film came out the gate strong heading into the weekend but its one week numbers are even more fantastic. In fact, they’re even better than those  The Avengers ficially having the highest-grossing first week.

The film reportedly earned $292 million in its first week from the North American box-fice, The Avengers took nine days to get to $300 million in comparison. Internationally, Black Panther was also a hit raking in $228 million for a combined one-week box fice receipts $520 million.

Per Variety, the film looks to head into the second-weekend with equally strong numbers in the $85 – $95 million range which would put the film as the fifth-highest-grossing domestic second weekend all time. Ironically, it would look to supplant Avengers: Age Ultron which currently holds that fifth-place slot with $77.7 million.