Black Tiger Sex Machine Facilitates Couple's Proposal During Beyond Wonderland Set

Black Tiger Sex Machine has one the most intense names and sounds in the game. That being said these three tigers know how to bring people together. Whether it be through cultivating a loving community fans through their Facebook group or creating a one a kind live show that celebrates that wildly unique sound – BTSM at it’s core is a positive force in EDM.

During their Beyond wonderland set this weekend the trio jumped on the mic to say that the EDM community needs love more than anything at the moment. After a week startling sexual assault allegations towards big name artists, we have to agree with the tigers. As a community we need to focus on the positives. After their little speech they brought a couple on stage and facilitated a loving proposal between two fans. Of course, the woman said yes, and instantly the crowd lost their minds.

It is little moments like this that need more attention. Check out the video below BTSM’s Facebook page.

Black Tiger Sex Machine Wedding Proposal At Beyond Wonderland