Blasterjaxx, Hardwell & Maddix Release New Banger ‘16’

As we prepare ourselves for the summer festival season of 2024, a new tune has emerged as the talk of the town. For the very first time, three renowned names in the electronic dance music industry – Blasterjaxx, Hardwell, and Maddix – have collaborated and released a track called ‘16’. The song is exclusively released on Hardwell’s music label Revealed Recordings and is now available on all streaming platforms. Do you remember this track from the Revealed Night Miami at MMW? The trio played it together for the first time, and truth be told, they shattered the dance floor into pieces.

Blasterjaxx, Hardwell, and Maddix require no introduction in the EDM world. Blasterjaxx, the Dutch duo, has been in the field for over a decade and is famous for their big-room house and electro-house music. ‘Bass Don’t Lie’ and ‘Narco’ are some of their successful releases. Hardwell, our mainstage favorite, has just made waves at Ultra last weekend. His performances have been so stellar that it makes you forget he was on a DJing hiatus. Since his return in 2022, Hardwell has not missed a beat and has released successful hits ‘Acid’ and ‘Loneliness’. Meanwhile, Maddix is an upcoming name in the techno space. He is known for his energetic live performances, and dynamic productions, characterized by powerful basslines, catchy melodies, and intricate sound design. Some of his notable tracks that we groove to are ‘Game On’, ‘Invincible’, and ‘Zero’.

‘16’- Blasterjaxx, Hardwell, Maddix

Are you the kind of person who loves to jump out of your chair and headbang to a really good track? If so, then you need to listen to ‘16’. It’s not just a song. But it’s an experience that combines intricate melodies with powerful techno beats to create something truly unforgettable. From start to finish, this track will take you on a sonic journey filled with shimmering synth lines and hypnotic vocal loops. It’s the perfect anthem for any festival mainstage. Sure to become a staple at events all around the world this summer. The creation of ‘16’ showcases the evolving genre, a blend of innovation and tradition. Enjoy this exciting track and let us know your thoughts.

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