Bleep Bloop Loses Fans After Tweeting Barbara Bush Hate After Her Passing

In the hours after Barbara Bush’s death, even those who didn’t share the former first lady’s political views shared their condolences. While we believe that artists should be allowed to speak their minds about shifting policies in our (or their) governments, sometimes things can go a little too far. Former first lady, Barbara Bush passed away earlier this week due to medical complications and heart failure.

While people have strong opinions about G.W. and the military campaigns he started in the Middle East, most have been able to look past that and honor the legacy his mother, Barbara Bush. Barbara Bush was known as a first lady who stayed away from the politics and job her husband and instead chose to play the role mother, and wife during her time in the White House.

But a bass music artist had a blunt message for those fering up remembrances to the late Barbara Bush. In turn, Bleep Bloop took to Twitter to vent his frustrations around Barbara’s legacy in a less than tasteful way, the result was widely negative even from his own fan base.