BLR & Matt Sassari Link Up Once Again For ‘Close Encounters’

BLR and Matt Sassari have linked up once again on Truesoul for their latest techno offering, ‘Close Encounters.’ The two producers linked exclusively for Truesoul back in February, sharing a dynamic pair of rollers, ‘The Incident’. This time, it’s a single shot of dance-floor business via ‘Close Encounters.’ The core idea was conceived by BLR, who is a long-time fan of the TV show Rick & Morty.

“As a huge fan, I have watched everything out there and as fellow fans would know, every season there’s the ‘evil Morty’ episode, which ends with this haunting vocal track from Blonde Redhead called ‘For the Damaged Coda’. I thought the sample would work really well if morphed into a big techno anthem. So, I went ahead and begun production before inviting Matt Sassari to collaborate and take it to the next level. We’re proud of the result that is ‘Close Encounters’!’”


‘Close Encounters’ brings vibes in spades, a crisp driving techno record imbued with the producers’ unmistakable groove and atmospheric touches. It begins rolling and tempered before the famous evocative vocal fills the space and takes on a sublime form. This is dreamy late-night perfection. ‘Close Encounters’ is out across all streaming platforms now. Hit play below to check it out: