Bomba Estéreo announce new album Deja, share new video “Agua”

Bomba Estéreo have announced their first new album in four years, Deja, sharing three new songs and a new music video alongside the annoucement.

In addition to “Deja” and “Soledad,” the group shared the clip for the new single “Agua,” which features additional vocals from Lido Pimienta. Directed by Jhoy Suarez and Bomba’s lead singer Liliana “Li” Saumet, the clip was filmed in the group’s native Colombia.

“The video comes from an idea I had about a ritual, entering into a parallel universe in which we find ourselves in a deeper connection with nature, in a more surreal and feminine way,” Li said of the video in a press release. “I wanted to begin the album with this feminine energy, each woman represents a different element in nature. For me, it was also about the place I live, where the mountains meet the sea.”

Playing on the idea of the elements, the album will be “divided into four sections: Agua (water), Aire (air), Tierra (earth), and Fuego (fire),” according to the release. “It’s about how we’re disconnected, more connected to electronic devices and virtual things than real things. So we decided to use the four elements because they’re part of the equilibrium of human beings,” Li explains about the project.

“Some heavy things are happening to the world and we have to share them. We made this album so you can dance to it at a club, but at the same time, it has a profound meaning. It’s meant for you to dance perreo with a conscience,” she continued.

Bomba Estéreo’s last album Ayo, dropped back in 2017.

Watch “Agua” above, and listen to “Deja” and “Soledad” below.

Thumbnail image via Jhoy Suarez.