Boris Brechja Speaks On Inspirations, Music, + More on Reddit AMA

Fresh off of his debut US Tour is none other than European superstar, Boris Brechja. The German-born DJ/ Record Producer is known for his take on Melodic Techno, known as “High-Tech Minimal”. Boris Brechja recently made his stateside debut to much praise. I’m sure most of his new fans have been hungry to learn about Boris, and while there isn’t the usual truckload of information to be found about him online, that’s all about to change.

The reason for this, is due to a recent that Boris Brechja held in order to talk about “about music and other things”. In the AMA, he spoke about everything from his inspirations, pre-set routines, and his own favorite production. Below are our favorite questions, and responses, that we think you should know about, enjoy.

1. On Pre-Set Routines

2. On Where To Send Demos

3. Boris On Chasing What You Want

4. On Inspirations, The Music Industry, Favorite Show To Date, and More

5. On His Own Favorite Production

6. Business Techno?

This one was translated to read: “Techno meets commerce, is there a limit for you and if yes, where?”

7. On Crowd Expectations

8. On Older Tracks, and His Future Album

9. On His Inspirations for his Music

10. On Creativity, and Possible B2B

11. On Electronic Music Hate

12. Boris Brechja Why He Doesn’t Record His Sets + Future European Tour

If you’re interested in finding out more about Boris Brechja, you can find the full Reddit AMA, here. Be sure to check out his new , here.