BREAKING: Unreleased 12-Track Avicii Album Has Been Released By Starkillers

The passing Tim Bergling has sent shockwaves through the dance music community. Avicii will without a doubt go down as one the most legendary dance music producers all time. After news his passing came out to the public many were immediately curious if we would ever be able to hear the wealth unreleased music Avicii was rumored to be sitting on. Today we have a chance to hear some unreleased Avicii from a truly luckily place.

Starkillers has had a historic career and is best known for his collaboration with Nadia Ali, ‘Pressure’ which was iconically remixed by Alesso. Today Starkillers revealed he had a full long play album unreleased music from a collaborative project with Avicii from 2009. Starkillers brother uploaded all 12 tracks from the album to YouTube for fans to enjoy today now that the former written contracts are null and void. Here is the statement from Starkiller’s brother:

“In 2009 I got to spend quite a bit time with Tim (Avicii). Him and my brother Nick (Starkillers) made a lot music together, while they lived together in Las Vegas. Most that that music didn’t come out as contracts where written and that following summer the history that we all have come to know happened for Avicii. Here is some the music that did make it. Not as close in the last few years. But he will be missed by my brother and myself very much.”

There is no doubt that listening to this music is a bit bittersweet. It is some great stuff but just reminds us all the more that Avicii is truly gone. The tracks have a deep feeling Tim’s early work like that his massive hit, ‘Street Dancer’. Check it out below.

Killers & Rockers (Unreleased Album)