Calvin Harris And Sam Smith's "Promises" Video Highlights Dance Sensation

We’ve all felt it. That overwhelming sensation when we hit the dance floor. The video for Calvin Harris and Sam Smith’s “Promises”, expresses that feeling through a series of clips of dancers. One of the dancers describes it as when “you find that inner person and you just kinda let it out!” The throwback style video, showing almost VHS quality clips, soothes you like you’re part of the group recording your friends enjoying a night at the club. The video also jumps into some higher quality scenes, featuring the dancers at different modeling stages and photo shoots.

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith – Promises (Official Video)

Of course, enough can’t be said for the track itself. The production of Calvin Harris and the stunning vocals of Sam Smith are the reason why this track has skyrocketed in the charts since debuting in August. The two are also spotted enjoying themselves in the video.