Camelphat Remixes Au/Ra's 'Panic Room' To Perfection

Camelphat may be the hottest duo in house music right now. Camelphat already dominated 2017 with the track the year ‘Cola’ as well as smashing out other crankers such as ‘Monsters’, ‘House Dawgs’, & ‘World In Action’. Now, Camelphat continues its massive rise in 2018, with a few monster remixes, including their most recent remix Au/Ra’s ‘Panic Room’.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never heard Au/Ra, but after seeing she had over 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify, I knew this remix was going to be a big one. Au/Ra’s vocals are absolutely majestic, to say the least. An absolutely perfect match for Camelphat, they did not disappoint us what so ever. A steady bassline rumbles its way through the beginning the track then lends itself to a deep and dark house drop that is sure to rock underground clubs worldwide. I’ve had this tune on repeat since yesterday, and I don’t see it coming out my rotation soon.

Check out Au/Ra & Camelphat’s “Panic Room” below!