Caspark and Vreden’s Hit A Homerun With “Woah”

Our fresh find this week is Caspark and Vreden – who just released their latest single, “Woah,” and it’s giving us that great old-school Kaytranada sound. “Woah” is perfect for chilling, dancing, or anything in between. The duo blends rappy verses with smooth melodic hooks in a seamless, engaging way.

Under the mentorship of the Grammy-winning producer group Stargate, both artists have honed their skills as multi-instrumentalists, songwriters, and producers in Hollywood. Their collaboration with talented co-writers Adinah Imani Bolden and Carol Mak has resulted in “Woah,” a showcase of their potential and a hint at the future success likely awaiting them.

Caspark and Vreden’s network of emerging writers and producers positions them at the forefront of the next wave in music. In the future, we could see Caspark penning collaborations with artists like Post Malone and Frank Ocean while Vreden might just have global DJ status akin to Diplo.

Check out “Woah” on Spotify to experience the innovative sound that Caspark and Vreden are bringing to the music world.