Cat & Maomi’s Que Lo Que EP: A New Era Begins

Cat & Maomi are back in action, this time bringing the Bump N’ Grind Records fam along for the ride. The last time we wrote about this talented duo was for their take on Ludacris’ iconic track, ‘Stand Up‘. Now, we bring you something new & fresh in the form of their recent three-track ‘Que Lo Que EP’. It should be noted that this is the duo’s first official release as Cat & Maomi after having previously gone by the moniker ‘Miao’. To distance themselves from their former techno alias of ‘Miao’, Cat & Maomi have brought the heat, and are ready to make a statement.

A Fresh Beginning: From Miao to Cat & Maomi

Breaking away from their techno roots as Miao, Cat & Maomi’s ‘Que Lo Que’ EP’symbolizes more than just a change of name. It represents a sonic evolution, a deeper dive into the intricacies of Tech House, and a testament to their growth as artists. This first official release as Cat & Maomi sets a new precedent for the duo, blending their established prowess with a renewed sense of creativity and experimentation.

Prepare to indulge in Cat & Maomi’s ‘Que Lo Que EP’, a three-track journey that encapsulates the duo’s fresh identity and evolved sound. This isn’t just an EP; it’s a declaration and a bold step into the limelight by two of the hottest rising acts in the in the house & techno scene.

Que Lo Que EP

Señoras: The Call to Unity

Firstly, the EP opens with ‘Señoras’, a track that immediately sets the tone for what’s to come. With its compelling basslines and hypnotic vocal samples, it’s an anthem of empowerment and unity. ‘Señoras’ isn’t just a song; it’s an experience, inviting everyone to join in a collective celebration of music and freedom.

Que Lo Que: The Heartbeat of the EP

The centerpiece of the EP, ‘Que Lo Que EP’, perfectly embodies the essence of Tech House. Its infectious groove, intricate percussion, and catchy vocal hooks make it more than just a track—it’s a conversation, an invitation into Cat & Maomi’s meticulously crafted world. Further, ‘Que Lo Que EP’ showcases the duo’s ability to engage and captivate, pulling listeners deeper into their unique sonic landscape.

Pegadito: A Sultry Finale

Concluding the EP, ‘Pegadito’ merges sultry rhythms with an irresistible beat, crafting an intimate atmosphere that lingers. It’s a display of Cat & Maomi’s expertise in balancing energy with emotion, leaving a lasting impression that beckons for more. Moreover, ‘Pegadito’ exemplifies their knack for creating tracks that are not only enjoyable but resonate on a deeper level.

The Verdict

With ‘Que Lo Que EP’, Cat & Maomi not only mark their territory in the electronic music world but also push the boundaries of what Tech House can be. Furthermore, their debut on Bump N’ Grind Records is a collection of tracks that speak volumes of their talent and vision. As they continue to command decks across the most renowned venues in the U.S., from the underground scenes of Los Angeles to the bustling cities of Dallas, Vegas, and Miami, Cat & Maomi are not just here to play music—they’re here to redefine it. In conclusion, Cat & Maomi’s ‘Que Lo Que EP’ is out now on Bump N’ Grind Records, and can be streamed below, enjoy!

Cat & Maomi – Que Lo Que EP | STREAM

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About Cat & Maomi:

Cat & Maomi are a production and performance duo serving their sexy, groovy take on House & Techno. As Texas-born raver kids the two serendipitously met among the masses of EDC Vegas. 10 years later, Cat and Maomi have commanded decks across Dallas, Vegas, Miami, and their current home of Los Angeles. Their techno and house sets have graced many stages; including the world-renowned Hollywood Palladium, Sound Nightclub, Academy LA (Daytrip & Night-trip), and Nova SD, just to name a few. The sultry duo also thrives in the underground scene and has made their mark performing for many sought-out warehouse parties all over.