Charlotte de Witte: NYC Takeover and New Single ‘How You Move’

Today marks a momentous occasion for electronic music fans around the world as titan Charlotte de Witte announces her latest single, ‘How You Move,’ alongside plans for an epic NYC takeover next week. With a dynamic track set to release on June 20th, this revelation comes as the second teaser from her highly-anticipated ‘Roar’ EP. After year’s electrifying takeover, de Witte is gearing up for an even larger spectacle in the city that never sleeps.

Charlotte de Witte is no stranger to making waves in the music industry. With her unique blend of techno and underground sounds, she has captured the hearts of fans globally. Her previous EP, ‘Overdrive,’ set the stage for what was to come, featuring a pop-up store at Extra Butter, two sold-out shows at Brooklyn Mirage, and a guerilla-style surprise performance that shut down Orchard Street in NYC. Now, as she prepares for her next chapter, de Witte is ready to deliver a high-octane experience for New Yorkers once again.

This June, Charlotte de Witte will bring her signature KNTXT pop-up shop back to Extra Butter Lower East Side, promising exclusive merchandise, limited-run apparel, and unexpected live music experiences at every turn. The stage is set for a thrilling immersion that will unite loyal fans and new audiences alike, solidifying de Witte’s reign as a titan in the electronic music scene.

The Unveiling of “How You Move”

With the announcement of her latest single, ‘How You Move,’ Charlotte de Witte is giving fans a taste of what’s to come with her upcoming EP. The track exudes energy and power, showcasing de Witte’s unparalleled talent for crafting infectious beats that transcend genres. As the second reveal from her ‘Roar’ EP, ‘How You Move’ is a testament to de Witte’s evolution as an artist, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

“This has been such a fun track to make. It’s a high energy track containing all of the ingredients that I love the
most: straightforward, engaging vocals and a powerful acid line. Show me how you move, how you get down!”

As de Witte continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, ‘How You Move’ serves as a glimpse into the future of her artistry. With its infectious energy and undeniable groove, the track is sure to captivate audiences around the world, solidifying de Witte’s status as a trailblazer in the industry.

The NYC Takeover: A High-Octane Immersion

As Charlotte de Witte gears up for her second consecutive KNTXT pop-up shop at Extra Butter Lower East Side, the excitement is palpable. Opening on Friday, June 21, the pop-up promises a one-of-a-kind experience for fans and newcomers alike. From exclusive merchandise to limited-run apparel, attendees can expect a treasure trove of de Witte’s signature style and flair.

But the KNTXT pop-up at Extra Butter is more than just a shopping experience—it’s a journey into the heart of de Witte’s musical universe. With unexpected live music experiences at every turn, attendees will be treated to a sensory overload that will leave them craving more. From surprise performances to interactive installations, the pop-up shop is a testament to de Witte’s commitment to immersing her fans in a world of sound and sensation.

As de Witte’s NYC takeover unfolds, the city will come alive with the pulsating beats of her music, echoing through the streets and captivating audiences far and wide. With each note, de Witte will solidify her place as a titan in the electronic music scene, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of experiencing her magic firsthand. Get ready, New York—Charlotte de Witte is coming for you, and she’s bringing a high-octane immersion like no other.