Claude VonStroke x Eprom Just Dropped A "Grenade" On Us [MUST LISTEN]

Claude VonStroke and Eprom just dropped an absolutely insane track on us, fittingly titled “Grenade!”

Tech house gods and bass gods don’t always thrive in the same music space, but these two producers were simply destined to make this track together. Our minds have been racing with the possibilities what these guys might come up with… The answer: a song unlike anything else this world has ever heard!

“Grenade” pushes a steady 126 BPM which drives straight into some uncharted territory from these masterminds. We’ve all heard the term “7 minutes in heaven.” Well, this is more like 7 minutes in an underground rave. Words like “heavy,” “industrial,” and “full on alien abduction” come to mind, but “Grenade” can only be fully appreciated with a solid listen, or several. Hell, you just might put this on repeat all weekend, because it’s that good.

Besides being on the record as one Claude’s favorite producers, Eprom has a long history with Dirtybird. First showing up as a remixer “Plasma Jelly,” Eprom’s crazy production style was also the catalyst for our STX&BRX label and the debut Claude’s alias Barclay Crenshaw, first with their collab EP, “Crawled Eagle,” and later as a remixer Barclay’s “I’m Up Here.”

Together, these guys have certainly found their stride with “Grenade.” As Claude VonStroke and Eprom drop this heater on us, we’re suddenly whisked away to a dark, sweaty, underground rave smack dab in the middle their musical universe — and we never want to leave.

Soak this one in!

Claude VonStroke x Eprom – Grenade

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