Clear Bags, Snipers & Armored Vehicles–Ultra Ramps Up Security

Ultra Music Festival is upping its security to ensure fans have a safe and carefree time in Miami for the 20th anniversary…

The similarities between the city scape surrounding Bayfront Park in Miami and that Route 91 Harvest on the Vegas Strip are evident. With the fest just two weeks out, Miami Police have expanded their extensively for the downtown event, which is expected to draw in 50,000 music fans each day. One such measure is enforcing people to bring in only clear bags.

Police will be at Ultra Miami in full force, but that’s not all — much the heightened security will focus on risks from outside the festival and above concert grounds. Snipers will overlook the park with a bird’s eye view. Armored rescue vehicles will be mobilized. Marine patrol will also guard the park on the Biscayne Bay side, per usual.

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez the importance upping security protocol: “The department sees what’s going on in other parts the world and adapts. You have to adapt your tactics to protect the residents.”

The police department also intends to use real-time “” to report anyone deemed suspicious and send out a photo blast to the entire force. Attendees — don’t be shy to report anything you see out the ordinary.

Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina says although there will be a huge police presence at Ultra Miami, the goal is to provide safety and security, not intimidate anyone in attendance to enjoy the music.

“We want people to go to the event and have a good time, not scare them,” Chief Colina .

Ultra Miami 2018 takes place March 23 – 25.


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