CRAY Releases Her New Mesmerizing Single "Peaches"

Talented DJ-producer, Cray has just released her newest single, “Peaches.” For those you who have been following Cray since her earlier works, such as “BTFU” and “Lotus,” it’s been a while since she last released any content. Today is finally the day that new music has been released.

Cray’s new track features her own personal vocals and a truly unique sound. It is definitely a different sound compared to the usual trap that she’s been known to create. Although this sound is new for this artist, it is surely one that was made to impress. “Peaches” is a great electronic track that anyone can dance along too. The catchy lyrics will surely be stuck in your head, but you will definitely become a “Peaches” pro in no time. If you’re into dance music that is dance-worthy but doesn’t go insanely hard, then this track is for you. Cray will not only have you falling in with her sound but with her voice as well.