Creative Director Of Ultra Shows Mainstage Construction In Video [SPOILERS]

Ultra 2018 is almost just a week away. This means course – the hype train has fully arrived to the station. Ultra started preliminary construction early last week and fans on the web have been posting updates nonstop. Today though we have gotten on the ground footage from the Creative Director Ultra Music Festival. Richard Milstein has uploaded a video to his Instagram story capturing the main stage in skeletal form.

Below you can see the clearest view the beginnings the Ultra 2018 Main Stage yet. While the video does not do much in terms giving away any theme or real design as the stage is still in early construction, it has gotten fans beyond excited. The iconic Ultra U logo adorns the skeletal structure in all it’s glory. While it is early to say, it already appears that the main stage for 2018 is going to be beyond massive.

Check out the video below!

Ultra Main Stage Construction