Daft Punk "Leak" Has Fans Hopeful For Ultra Performance

EDM fans are hyped about the a Swedish House Mafia reunion at Ultra Miami’s 20th anniversary, but let’s not forget about Daft Punk.

Although a performance from these masked wonders seems way less likely, a mysterious upload on SoundCloud fers up a small glimmer hope that something could be going on with Daft Punk — and what timing with Ultra Music Festival being this weekend.

This “” titled “X” User19972001200420 below is very likely fake, but it sounds legit enough to have Daft Punk’s most diehard fans talking about it on . Fans are even speculating the numbers in the user ID could have something to do with dates their previous releases, but that’s all up for debate.

Moral the story: If it sounds good enough to be Daft Punk, could it be Daft Punk?

We don’t know which is a further stretch — whether this is an authentic Daft Punk leak or if the iconic duo will actually show up at Ultra to make the lives dance music fans complete for a moment in time. Still, it’s ok to hope.

We’ll know soon enough come this Sunday!

Daft Punk ID?