Dan Tyminski Looks Back On Working With Avicii On ‘Hey Brother’

Bluegrass singer-songwriter Dan Tyminski recently opened up about his experience working with the late Avicii on the hit song ‘Hey Brother‘. The track has now surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify.

‘Hey Brother’ was featured on Avicii’s debut album True and is celebrated for its distinct blend of Electronic Dance music and Folk influences. Moreover, Tyminski’s soulful vocals add an unmistakable touch to the tune that has worldwide recognition.

In a heartfelt recent video, Tyminski shared the story behind the collaboration and expressed his gratitude for participating in such a groundbreaking project (see below). He described the experience as rewarding and inspiring, highlighting the seamless fusion of genres and the positive energy surrounding the creative process.

The milestone of reaching 1 billion streams on Spotify is a testament to the enduring appeal of ‘Hey Brother’ and Avicii’s musical legacy. It is a remarkable achievement that reflects the impact of the song and the ongoing appreciation for Avicii’s innovative approach to music.

As fans continue to celebrate the success of ‘Hey Brother’, Tyminski’s candid reflections provide a touching insight into the collaborative spirit that brought the song to life.

Photo via Facebook: Dan Tyminski