Dance Music Legend Pleads Guilty To Assaulting Festival Security Over Facetime

Only Goldie would appear in court video chat… The DnB artist made his court date today as he FaceTimed from his home in Thailand, during which he proceeded to enter a guilty plea.

Last year, Goldie was charged with assault for attacking a security ficer who wouldn’t let he and his daughter backstage at Glastonbury music festival. Goldie originally plead “not guilty” when the charges came through, but he changed his plea to “guilty” just today.

His email reportedly read: “Yup, guilty as charged.”

The FaceTime call came as District Judge Lynn Matthews wouldn’t accept Goldie’s email as an ficial admission guilt. Then, the judge decided Goldie would have to appear in court — in the flesh — to declare his guilty plea.

Goldie is schedule to appear in court — for real this time — on May 30.


Source:  | Photo by Ollie Kirk