Datsik Facing Numerous Accusations of Sexual Assault

Around 4 PM this evening, serious allegations surfaced against Troy Beetles, better known as 
Datsik, regarding potential sexual assault that has occurred backstage at his shows. He tweeted “posts coming soon,” to give his followers and supporters a heads up that he would soon be sharing his thoughts regarding the allegations.

Datsik Facing Numerous Accusations  Sexual Assault

Prior to Datsik making the promised post, several people came forward on social media to share their accounts horrific experiences that occurred on what was supposed to be a fun night at Datsik’s show. Beetles is being accused sexual assault and sexual harassment by numerous people who had won Meet & Greets to hang out with the artists back stage during Datsik’s Ninja Nation Tour. In one the Facebook posts, supporting artist Space Jesus was also bashed, the person claims that Space Jesus “slapped a security guard in the face because they wouldn’t allow him to bring underage (under 21) girls backstage.”

You can read through the screenshots below to see for yourself the allegations that Datsik is facing:

Datsik Facing Numerous Accusations  Sexual AssaultDatsik Facing Numerous Accusations  Sexual Assault
Datsik Facing Numerous Accusations  Sexual Assault
Datsik appears to hint at the actions in the posts above in a now deleted tweet from 2011:

Datsik Facing Numerous Accusations  Sexual Assault
 Jauz appeared to imply his feelings toward Datsik and the situation in the tweet below, but refrained from directly mentioning the DJ: 

Update: Beetles has issued the post he promised:

Datsik Facing Numerous Accusations  Sexual Assault
Update #2: Despite also being named in the allegations, Space Jesus has issued a post announcing that he will be pulling himself f the Ninja Nation Tour indefinitely due to the allegations against the headliner, until further information is gathered:

The accusations against Datsik are incredibly serious and should not be taken lightly. We will keep you up to date as more details regarding these accusations come to light.