Deathpact releases the second single off his upcoming EP, 'Ciphertwo'

Deathpact releases a second single, “End of Time” off its upcoming Ciphertwo EP — the second prolonged play put out into the world by the mysterious entity in a few month. The enigma that sprouted from REZZ‘ “Life & Death” set main single has been prolific ever since its inception, making listeners curious concerning the particular person or individuals behind the model.

“End of Time” commences with an eerie vocal saying “from now till the top of time,” setting a dissonant tone. A construct into Deathpact’s signature deep bass home consisting of a wide range of sub bass sounds of all octaves. Similar to static interrupting the TV, the music glitches out and in, creating giant dynamics in its frequency vary. In truth, one might say the track nearly sounds three-dimensional.

Fans can entry the Deathpact Discord channel HERE on Discord. The thriller producer(s) continues to acknowledge themselves as us…