Die Antwoord Drop Freestyle Video Responding To Eminem's Shots Towards Them On 'Greatest'

In probably what is the weirdest musical feud of literally all time, Die Antwoord has responded to Eminem’s small shot he fired towards the South African group in the track ‘Greatest’ from his latest album. It all started when Eminem accidentally mispronounced the duo’s name many years ago.

The pair replied to the mispronunciation in typical Die Antwoord behavior with a wacky video mispronouncing Eminem’s name. It apparently struck a sore spot for Shady who took things to a new level when he called out Ninja for Yolandi sleeping with a Cyprus Hill’s DJ Muggs when the duo collaborated with the group in 2016. Awkwardly it seems Eminem didn’t understand that Yolandi and Ninja are not actually in a relationship, despite having a child together.

Outside of this swing and a miss from Eminem, Die Antwoord responded with a bizarre and disjointed flow of their own, firing shots at not only Slim’s age but also came at his hometown. South African director Neil Blomkamp has been tapped for the Robocop reboot which is set to take place in Detroit, so Ninja took the chance to demonstrate that their turf was overtaking Eminem’s. Well check out the video below and see if you can make sense of all of this. I think Eminem should worry about MGK before Ninja and Yolandi but Slim can’t seem to let this one go…