Dimitri Vegas & Like vs. Vini Vici vs. Cherrymoon Trax – 'The House of House'

Today we have the pleasure bringing you even more psytrance. DV&LM who will never see this because they blocked up on Twitter, teamed up with Vini Vici and Cherrymoon Trax to create a truly one a kind monster mash up known as ‘The House House’. The tune is firmly rooted in the psytrance paradigm and is a real showstopper. We heard this at Ultra last weekend during Vini Vici’s set and are thrilled to be able to add it to our personal libraries with its ficial release.

This track drives harder than anyone could have imagined. During a pensive melodic break, tension is so perfectly mounted and built that it will no doubt give you goosebumps. A hypnotic chanting vocal sample is repeated in a manner over a building beat that is entirely euphoria-inducing. When it all let’s go again the listener is met with a brutal psytrance beat with a buzzsaw synth. This is a truly one a kind psytrance tune. Check it out below.