DJ Snake Drops New Rap Track With Higher Brothers, And We Are Not Feeling It

A few weeks ago DJ Snake announced that he was back to making weird club music. Apparently, this track was finished before that tweet was sent out. In a collaboration with Higher Brothers DJ Snake has crafted a beat for a full-force rap track. Honestly, while the beat is honestly pretty sick, overall the song sounds a bit forced.

The song starts out with the use traditional Chinese instrumentation but soon devolves into chaos. While there is a bit a trap breakdown in the middle the tune overall it is a lot shouting with no real substance. I can definitely see where this will appeal to many, as the energy is bold in the tune but from start to finish I was expecting a bit more from DJ Snake on this one. That being said he probably had very little control over the final production the tune. Check it out below and see if you agree, or if I am just out touch with the crazy kids these days.