DJ Snake Just Announced One of the Biggest Moves of His Career

DJ Snake just dropped some huge news on us — not only does he promise new music soon, but it’s coming through his very own label Premiere Classe.

“Today, I’m announcing the launch my very own record label ‘Premiere Classe,’” he . “This has always been a dream mine. I wanted to first build a platform and then use it to shine a light on music/people that I believe in.”

The record label isn’t just for DJ Snake’s releases, it’s for artists all styles and genres from across the world. The first being “Whistle,” a new single from 4B x TEEZ out Premiere Classe Records tomorrow.

“This record label is for people across all corners the world, to showcase all genres music,” DJ Snake continues. “I grew up influenced by different cultures, sounds, feelings, emotions and I want ‘Premiere Classe’ to be a representation that.”

More than anything, DJ Snake wants to give other artists the same type opportunities that he has found through music. “I was given a chance some time ago and it changed my life forever,” he says. “I want to be able to give the same chance to the next generation artists. There’s a new wave coming, and we are going to be apart it. No politics. Just dope shit.”

“This is history in the making, here we go.”

DJ Snake – Premiere Classe