Drake Gives Away $1,000,000 Cash In Tear-Jerking New Music Video

Drake is definitely carrying out “God’s Plan.” After releasing his single with that same title in January, the rapper is here to show us how he’s giving back — with an ficial music video so emotional it will likely move you to tears.

Instead spending the $996,631.90 budget on a glamorous video shoot, he gives all that money away right before our very eyes as “God’s Plan” plays out. Instead balling out with fancy chains, he’s giving families enough money to buy their own bling (though they will probably put it to better use).

Drake is filmed fering up all kinds money, from scholarships, to shopping sprees, to groceries, to brand new cars — all in the name “God’s Plan.” The result is something far more special than any overly produced music video could ever accomplish.

No matter how small or big the gesture, Drake proves the importance giving back and making a real difference in the lives his fans. Just watch this and try not to cry.

Drake – God’s Plan (Official Music Video)

Drake – God’s Plan Lyrics


Photo  The Holy Mountain for Insomniac